Custom Potted Plants

Do you have empty window boxes that need filling? If so, feel free to bring them here! The wonderful staff is ready and willing to create a beautiful piece of art that you vision! It is as simple as making a phone call or stopping by to place your order. You can be as general or specific as you would like. Full sun, part shade, all purple, all red, a mix of every color and plant; anything is possible! The orders can be picked up in a short time after they are placed. Price is formulated on the size of the pot, as well as the size and number of the plants used.

Custom potted plants are also planted annually for companies as well as the Town of East Greenbush and the East Greenbush Fire Company.


Bulk Product Delivery

We deliver all of our bulk products (mulches, stones, topsoil, compost) within a 10 mile radius. There is a 2 bucket minimum for delivery at regular delivered prices.An additional fee will be applied to orders less than 2 buckets. Please call for details (1 bucket is approximately 1 cubic yard)

Nursery Stock Delivery

We will deliver nursery stock items within a 10 mile radius for an additional delivery charge. You can call the store for details anytime.

Wood Pellets, Firewood, Hay & Straw

There is an additional delivery charge for each of these items to be delivered within a 10 mile radius. Delivery charges vary depending on size of the order. Please call for details.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available in any dollar amount and can be purchased at the farm. These make great gifts for loved ones!

Not from around here but want to send one to someone you know? Now, for an additional sending fee, you can! You can call the store and pay over the phone with a credit card for your purchase, add a special message, and the card will be sent immediately via U.S. Mailing System.

Soil pH Test

Testing your soil pH should be a routine task for gardeners. It is also a fun task if you test it yourself. Even if your garden has been productive over the years, soil testing can be beneficial. Soil pH can get out of balance for a number of reasons. Most often, using inorganic fertilizers will make your soil more acidic over time. Adding amendments to the soil can also alter your soil’s pH. If you do not test your soil occasionally, you are passing by the opportunity to maximize your plants’ potential in the size, health and quality of flowers, vegetables and fruits.

We offer take home soil pH test kits or you may choose to bring a paper cup full of soil to us. If you decide to have us test you soil, try to take the sample of soil from the approximate area where the roots will be. Try your best to avoid touching the soil you plan to have tested. Using your bare hands to take the sample may alter the soil pH and give a false reading during the test.

Nursery Guarantee

We guarantee our nursery stock to be in good, healthy condition at the time of your purchase. We will replace any tree or shrub which dies due to transplanting for 12 months at 100% of the purchase value, one time only, if reasonable care has been taken.

The original receipt and plant must be returned for the guarantee to be valid.


Store Policy

Becker’s Farm enforces a store policy when it comes to returns.

Plant Material – Plant material (other than nursery stock) cannot be returned dead or dying from lack of proper care. Our annuals, roses, vegetables and perennials are NOT guaranteed. Our Manager is more than qualified to determine the cause of deterioration.

Hard Goods – Hard goods must be in same condition as when they left the store to be returned. You must also present the original receipt for your purchase, and store credit will be gladly issued.

Nursery Stock – Nursery Stock is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. You will need all of the original tags, receipt, and shrub/tree in order to receive a store credit reimbursement or exchange.

Store Credit will be issued for any returns. Cash is not given back on returns over $5.00.

Our store policy can also be found at the bottom of every transaction receipt.